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Drypoint  Printmaking


Drypoint is a printmaking technique of the intaglio family in which a drawing of an image is scratched into a plate with a dry point needle. Ink is then applied onto the plate which settles into the scratched lines. A cloth is used to wipe away excess ink. Once the excess ink is removed, the plate is run through an etching press along with a piece of dampened paper to produce a printed impression.

I was introduced to this printmaking technique when working with a group of artists in The Netherlands in 2011.


Linda Dry Point 02.jpg

Digital Printmaking


I create my digital prints by scanning hand drawn images with highly textured oil pastel paintings and tusche paintings - then I layer them digitally to create my final compositions. I print the compositions on archival fine art paper with archival inks and hand apply color with either soft pastel chalk or watercolor washes.

Linda Oil Pastel.jpg

Print Editions


The numbers written under the print refer to how many prints were made in the print edition. For example, if it reads 2/20 it means you are looking at the 2nd print edition of a series of 20 prints. 


Varied Edition (E.V. edition varies) states that not all prints in the edition are exactly alike. The printmaker does this intentionally in a variety of ways such as adding something to the print like a watercolor wash.

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