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Rzoska Video Photo 01.jpg

". . . the only work I

started and completed

during Covid in 2020."


Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

314 Park Street

Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Juror: Larry Ossei-Mensah

Signature Artists, LLC Award

for an outstanding work in any

medium or style.

Rzoska #1 iMovie.jpg

AN EVER CHANGING CONSTANT, Mixed Media: Graphite, Oil Pastel, Tusche and Encaustic


Mixed Media, 2020

'An Ever Changing Constant' was created in response to an invitation to participate in an exhibition curated by Southwest Michigan artists, Anna Z ILL and Maryellen Hains: The Equinox Exhibition.


The usual focus of my artwork is landscape and the spirituality of the landscape. In my work I look to reveal the landscapes shy and quiet presence and my reverence for it. 

I moved my eyes from the earthly landscape and looked up to an object I often see in the night’s sky. I knew that the Equinox happens twice a year and is a time when our planet experiences 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.


To learn more I researched what ancient mythology and spirituality had to reveal regarding beliefs and practices that related to the Equinox. I learned that ancient people looked upon the Equinox as a heavenly representation of the struggle between light and dark and a representation of the struggle between life and death. 


During the months of the Covid pandemic we all have had to experience isolation in some form. Like most everyone I had been isolated from friends, family and from my creative colleagues. 


Through this isolation I found myself sinking into a deep funk, a dark place . . .

The invitation to be part of the exhibition helped me to recover a bit from what I was now calling my covid funk. The invitation encouraged me to create a series of images that, in the end result, helped to move me from a place of darkness to a place with the promise of light.


Image dimensions of each section: 8.5" by 8.5"

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