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mixed media: 2022

musing series

media experimentation series

MUSING 01, Mixed media

MUSING 02, Mixed media

MUSING 03, Mixed media

MUSING 04, Mixed media

MUSING 05, Mixed media

MUSING 06, Mixed media

MUSING 07, Mixed media

MUSING 08, Mixed media

MUSING 09, Mixed media

The pieces in this series are the result of research, experimentation and development with various media in preparation for a long-term project I'm working on with 17 other creatives.


Each piece began with a drawing either in graphite or   

ink. Many separate textured non-objective paintings were created using media like heavily applied oil pastel, tusche, walnut ink, sumi ink, charcoal, etc. The compositions you see in this series are the result of a select combination of these textured paintings layered together digitally with each drawing.   

seed heads

seed heads in winter series

SEED HEADS IN WINTER 01, Mixed media

SEED HEADS IN WINTER 02, Mixed media

SEED HEADS IN WINTER 03, Mixed media

SEED HEADS IN WINTER 04, Mixed media

The very beginnings of these four pieces were just concepts for visual ekphrastic responses to a friend's poem. The poem was written in the voice of a continent describing its experience of transitioning from a tropical climate to a polar climate. 

Playing in the cold snow as a child, I recall being surrounded by frozen Rose of Sharon bushes, creeping through them on my belly to enter the neighbor's yard.

Pages full of ink drawings of the seed heads of Rose of Sharon bushes started filling up the spaces on my studio's bulletin boards. 


Frozen, petaled shapes.


Each enveloped in a layer of fine snow. 

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